Coronavirus: How best to use our services

As we continue our journey through the pandemic we ask for your help to make the best use of the surgery. If you have any of these 3 coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms, even if mild, DO NOT ATTEND THE SURGERY: 

  • a high temperature
  • a new, continuous cough
  • you’ve lost your sense of smell or taste or it’s changed
  • Attendance 

    On 15th July 2021, NHS England produced a statement to remind the public that everyone accessing or visiting healthcare settings must continue to wear a face covering and follow social distancing rules. This includes GP practices.

  • We continue to provide normal services and access to our patients, and offer both telephone or face-to-face consultations.



  • Blood Tests – these will continue through Horsham Hospital. You should only attend the phlebotomy department at the hospital if you are free of symptoms of a cough or fever, and are not under the guidance of isolation or shielding.




  • Text Services / Website – this has become an efficient way to send a message to you directly. We will keep you updated with any changes through text messaging. We will also regularly update the website, and keep informative links available for you to explore for up to date information from various NHS and Government organisations.
  • Online Access – we strongly advocate the use of this service which allows you to continue to request repeat medications and view your test results so saving time for everyone, and reducing unnecessary calls to the surgery. You can apply for online access here
  • Prescriptions – Please allow 7 working days for prescription requests to be processed.


  • Prescription Collection – most of our patients use the Electronic Prescription Service [EPS] as this allows us to send the prescriptions directly to your named pharmacist and prescriptions simply do not get lost. Please sign up NOW as collection from the surgery places you and others at greater infection risk.

We will update your further as the situation changes at the surgery.

Drs Davies & Patel