Ordering a repeat prescription


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Repeat Prescriptions

With the agreement of your GP you can get further supplies of regular medicines without having to be seen by a doctor every time.

You can request your prescription in person at reception, by post with a stamped self addressed envelope or through your pharmacy collection service. You can also use our online repeat prescription service if you are signed up with a username and password (available from reception). To ensure patient safety we do not accept prescription requests by telephone.

Tick the items you need on the right-hand section of your previous prescription form.

Repeat Prescription


We require a minimum of 3-4 working days to process your prescription but please allow extra time if ordering by post or via your pharmacy (please note this does NOT include the time for the Pharmacy to dispense your items). We suggest you aim for a period of 1 week between putting in your request and collecting your medication, so please order when you have 7-10 days’ supply left. 

If you need your prescription issued very early or for a longer duration than usual because you are going on holiday, please explain your need in writing on the form. Usually we do not issue prescriptions more than 10 days before they are due.

Certain medical conditions and medication require regular monitoring. This means you may need to have blood tests taken, blood pressure checks or reviews of your condition on a regular basis to ensure that your medication is still appropriate. We will notify you when a review is due and if you need to see the doctor or nurse before your next prescription can be issued. Please ensure you make this appointment at least 2 weeks before you run out of medication. It is very important to attend your review appointment.


Please remember:

  • All repeat prescription requests take at least 3-4 working days.
  • You may have to come in and see the doctor before the medication is issued, so make sure you order your medication in good time.
  • Online requests are picked up until 1 pm. (Any request made after this time will be actioned the following working day).
  • Any medication order placed after 1.00pm will be counted as being ordered on the next working day (Monday - Friday) and will be processed accordingly. Medication ordered via the internet after 1.00 pm on Friday will be processed on Monday morning and will therefore be ready for collection on Wednesday.
  • We will only issue 1 month's medication at a time. If you have a very special, one off, reason for asking for more than 1 month's supply please provide details as this will have to be approved by your GP.
  • Repeat prescriptions for HRT or the contraceptive pill will be provided by the nurse after health checks are made. If you run out before you can get an appointment you can order a 1 month emergency supply. 
  • We are NOT able to action same day prescription requests.