Patient Rights

You have the right to receive medical care from a suitably qualified medical practitioner. This will usually be by appointment with your preferred Doctor, but may be with another Doctor or an alternative professional such as a Nurse Practitioner, Clinical Pharmacist, Practice Nurse or Health Care Assistant. We will normally offer you an appointment within 48 hours.

The Department of Health now require that all patients are registered with a Practice rather than with an individual Doctor. However, you may request to be seen by a particular Doctor, providing that Doctor is available and is accepting new patients.

You may request to be seen by a Doctor of a specific gender in particular circumstances and we will endeavour to arrange this for you.

Patient Rights

You have the right to refuse to be examined in the presence of a student.

You have a right to request to have a Chaperone present during an intimate examination although this may, on occasion, mean that you would need to make a further appointment at another time.

You may be seen at home if you are unable to attend the practice for a particular reason. You may be asked about your circumstances and the Doctor may decide that you should attend the practice instead.
You have the right to refuse treatment or examination although a Doctor may give essential treatment if a patient is considered to be incapable of understanding or giving consent.

You have a right under GDPR in conjunction with the Data Protection Act 2018 to request access to view or to obtain copies of what information the practice holds about you and to have it amended should it be inaccurate. To request this, you need to do the following:

  • Your request should be made to the Practice – for information from the hospital you should write direct to them
  • There is no charge to have a copy of the information held about you
  • We are required to respond to you within one month
  • You will need to give adequate information (for example full name, address, date of birth, NHS number and details of your request) so that your identity can be verified, and your records located.

At Riverside Medical Practice, we believe that best medical care is delivered by a team of colleagues and this may mean that information about you will be shared with those colleagues if appropriate. This team includes some staff working with attached agencies (e.g. Podiatrists, Health Visitors, Pharmacist or hospital staff to whom you are being referred).