Horsham Central Primary Care Network


In 2019 across the country, NHS England asked primary care to restructure how we provide general practice within towns and districts, so that we can combine our strengths, to work in collaboration with one and other, helping to maximise patient care.

The rationale behind this was to ensure a wider range of services are available to patients across a specific locality. Whilst GP surgeries remain independent, we are now working closely with 3 other surgeries within Horsham, to provide you with better healthcare opportunities.

The new arrangement was termed Primary Care Networks (PCNs), and Riverside Medical Practice has formed a PCN with Park Surgery, Holbrook Surgery and Orchard surgery, to become the Horsham Central PCN. Within our PCN, we have employed staff to work across all 4 sites to help combine and manage some of these services that we would like to develop for you. These staff members are listed below, and provide a huge wealth of resource within their specialist field.