Social Prescribing

What is Social Prescribing?

In life, many things can affect your health including common problems such loneliness, stress, financial issues and housing issues. These issues are seen daily by our General Practioners and most of the time, cannot be treated by doctors or medication alone. Social Prescribing was introdruced to tackle these problems and bridge the gab between vital services offered in the community by external agencies and the council.

The idea behind social prescribing is to empower you to take more control over your health whilst finding ways to manage your needs in a way that is personalised to you.

There are many different ways of providing social prescribing services and it usually starts with a simple conversation to gain what it is you feel you need support with. Once this is established, your assigned link worker will be there to listen to you and put you in touch with whatever local services you agree may benefit you.

That being said, our link workers may introduce you to a community group, a new activity or local club. It might even be to a legal advice team or volunteers to help around the house with things that may cause you stress. It could possibily be for information and guidance only, but with a bit of inside knowledge on your situation, and what local resources there are available, you could benefit from their help.

Further Information and Self Referral

Patients can self-refer to our Social Prescribing service. Visit the Horsham Central PCN website to learn more about Social Prescribing services and to self refer.



"The service offered lots of information and my prescriber was very understanding of my problems. She pointed me in the right direction and I am losing weight and feeling more positive than I have done in many years. Also being referred to the Why Weight service has helped a lot. So glad this service has been made available to me."

"Very happy with the service. Made me aware of other services offered by my surgery. The follow up call to ensure all was well was much appreciated."

"Kim was so helpful all the time, she made me so happy with everything she did for me, she made sure i receive all the benefits she refered me to before she discharged me. I can't recommend her enough. Thank you so ever much!"

"Didn’t feel time pressured, listened, advised, discussed, friendly, easy to talk to"